Bad Credit Loans

purchasing with bad credit

February 13, 2020 We always have a few clients that are struggling with their credit and there are a lot more options for that at this point than ever before. There is the obvious FHA Loans that people with low credit scores will try to get and that is a great option, but what happens… [Read More]

Christmas in Real Estate

southern california home

February 11, 2020 I hope you had a great weekend and I hope that life is treating you well. We are off to the races this spring and it’s truly like Christmas Eve every day in Real Estate! So Christmas in Real Estate means what? Well, you go to the store to find the latest… [Read More]

How Money Works


February 6, 2020 I hope you are doing well and today is a super special day! Today is my Dad’s 28th Birthday! Well, if you reverse that number then you have his actual birthday! My competition wonders why I work so hard and he is one of the reasons. He worked at Lockheed for 100… [Read More]

Mike’s Morning Mortgage Update – 2/4/2020

real estate

February 4, 2020 I hope you had a wonderful weekend and congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on winning the Superbowl. My phone was ringing all weekend and it looks like it was worth it because we opened quite a few escrows yesterday. Here was the interesting one, and it has been a while since… [Read More]

Buy Now or Fix Credit?

southern california home - Buy now or fix credit? real estate and mortgages

January 20, 2020 I hope you are having a good week and I hope that your smiles and laughter increase as the week moves forward. I am watching what is happening in the real estate market at this time and I am truly amazed. We have an extremely low inventory as I pointed out many… [Read More]

Mamba Mentality

If you see me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear. - Kobe Bryant

January 28, 2020 I write this update today with a heavy heart as a hero has fallen. In my 54 years I have had many heroes: My Dad, My Mom, John Wooden, Kareem, Bill Walton, Magic, Shaq and Kobe. I could tell you so many things that made Kobe special to me. I could talk… [Read More]

Giving Your Buyer An Opportunity To Win

Giving your buyer an opportunity to win

January 23, 2020 I hope your week is going well and I hope you are as busy as you want to be. I was here at the office until about 8:45 last night so business was good for at least one day! Today looks to be just as busy, but I am never too busy… [Read More]

Mike’s Morning Mortgage Update

Mike News Update

10/24/2019 I hope you are having a great week and I hope that life is treating you well.  I just got back from a 5 day golf trip at TPC Sawgrass in Florida.  One of my friends set it up and I had my Dad at my side with 7 others as we hacked and… [Read More]

FHA SPOT APPROVALS!!!! They’re Baaaack!!!!


10/17/2019- I hope you are having a great day and Happy Oktoberfest!  Yup, today is the big day where we have all the fun and cheer in our own backyard! So a couple of months ago I mentioned that we will have FHA Spot approvals October 15th!  Well, guess what?  We have FHA Spot  approvals! … [Read More]