FHA Spot Approvals are BACK


8/15/19 I hope you are having a great week and I hope that life is treating you well.  Back to school “Fratrority party” at my house last night!  Get these kids back to College! So yesterday FHA came out with SPOT APPROVALS on condos!  YAY!  They took away the ability to do spot approvals in… [Read More]

Nightmare Kickback


8/13/19- I hope you are having a great day and I hope your week is going well!  This is a crazy week in our family as My Dad is in Cooperstown watching my nephews, my wife and oldest daughter are at Camp Kessem helping out kids whose families are affected by cancer, and we are… [Read More]

Maneuverability is Back!

Man - Mike Post

8/8/2019- I hope you are having a great week and back to school is approaching fast!  Three colleges in three different states this year, so I will be on a few weekend trips starting soon. Interest rates seem to be the big topic of the day lately with rates dropping then rising then falling and… [Read More]

Interest Rate Opportunity and FHA vs. Conventional

Timing Meena

8/6/19- I hope you had a great weekend and I hope that everything is going well at this time. I love the idea of timing a market for interest rate or price but timing is never going to be perfect!  So what are you waiting for when you want to buy Real Estate?   Do you… [Read More]

FED RATE CUT…What does it mean?

Mike News Update

8/1/19- I hope your week is going well and YES the Federal Reserve cut Interest rates yesterday and it really didn’t do anything to interest rates when it comes to mortgages.  Every time interest rates are cut, inflation becomes a little more of a concern.  I don’t think that is a big concern now, but… [Read More]

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage

7/30/2019 – I hope you are having a great week and I hope that life is treating you well.  The heat has slowed the market ever so slightly, but we are still booming due to low interest rates. We are still seeing quite a few Reverse Mortgages being done and to me they are a… [Read More]


AF Home Loans - Proof-01

7/25/2019- I hope you are having a great week and I hope that you are enjoying the heat. I am pretty amazed at some of the loan products that are coming out lately.  Here is one from the past and we are currently doing these loans!  STATED INCOME! 25% down no reserves after closing, but… [Read More]

Jumping Off The Fence

Cow on Fence

7/23/19- I hope you are having a great week and that life is treating you well. Here is a blurb from what I sent a potential client last night.  I have quite a few fence sitters right now and maybe this helps get them motivated. If you purchase for $500,000.00 and put 3.5% down ($17,500.00) you… [Read More]

Investor Loans

Mike Meena

7/18/19- I hope you are doing well and I hope that everyone is thinking about saving money this year! We had a product change that I found very interesting this week.  Well, it wasn’t really a change, but we can now qualifying on the interest only payment on our investor loan program.  So here is… [Read More]

Using your IRA /401K Income

7/16/19- I hope you are doing well and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  It was a busy one here and I was happy to come to work and work in peace.  I went to a little retirement gathering for a friend and I never really considered retiring for real.  I am still not… [Read More]